Starlight Synthesis [PDF]

Faraway Asterism・遥かな星座
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an atelier series fanbook. produced for AtelierFes 10 in spring of 2019, now available as a PDF.

full colour, 67 pages, JIS B5 size

comes with the pages for "DLC 01," a last-minute photocopied insert that was printed overseas.

this pdf will be replaced with "Starlight Synthesis Plus" at some point, after we figure out some of the issues with the DPI, but that's functionally identical to this.

all proceeds will go towards either a reprint of a physical copy of this book, or to a transgender-supporting charity in a region that needs it the most.

  • a PDF and some jpgs in a folder

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  • a PDF and some jpgs in a folder
  • Size100 MB
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Starlight Synthesis [PDF]

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